CARD - Christian Association for Rural Development
A Brighter Future for the People of Mozambique


We urgently need to build schools for the educational welfare of all the people, not just the children With schools being built, this will enable us to work closely with The “Moses Foundation” and this will provide children with the education they desperately need to take them to university level


It is not however just the children that need teaching. In Mozambique a high population cannot read and write and this affects everyone from all walks of life


It is essential therefore that everyone is given the opportunity of being able to read and write and to benefit the community as a whole


We also need to educate the people about the 3 main causes of death in the country and doctors and nurses as well as clinics are urgently needed to help to eradicate against: Malnutrition, Aids and Malaria


Better facilities are also needed for child birth and currently there is a 40% death-rate


We desperately need funding to over-come these horrendous statistics


If you feel you can help please contact us urgently