CARD - Christian Association for Rural Development
A Brighter Future for the People of Mozambique

Building Programme

The Business Plan


There are many ways in which CARD UK will be assisting the people of Mozambique and surrounding countries


The most important and life-saving thing we can do is to provide good clean drinking water. Every day people are drinking dirty water direct from the river and spreading disease


We will be sinking drinking wells to ensure that clean water is readily available and accessible for everyone. Desperately needed are our own drills to save hiring other peoples equipment.

To simply hire a drilling rig costs around $6000 dollars alone, (Approximately £4500) and by investing in our own equipment (£20,000) we will soon re-coup our investment


We will also be providing solar energy and erecting wind turbines to provide hot water and electricity for all the people. The building plan for Mozambique will provide:· 1, 2 and 3 bedroom houses; Schools; Medical Clinics and Churches


Architects plans have already been completed for all building projects and with us not requiring planning permission this will enable us to start work as soon as the necessary funds have been raised. In addition to this we will be building a purpose built farm house where people can visit and see the on-going work for themselves


Work can be seen on the development of the land and you will be able to see first-hand exactly why this on-going work by CARD UK is so vitally important to the people


Our date for completion of the farm house is by the end of 2012 and if you are interested in visiting, please let us know


Please contact CARD UK for further information