CARD - Christian Association for Rural Development
A Brighter Future for the People of Mozambique


We are pleased to announce that the 2nd crop of maize is now being harvested which means all the profits from this will be made available for re-investment and to continue the development of the land


We are already cultivating a further 750 acres and 3 other crops are already being planted. These are Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes, and Peppers


The Mozambique Government are fully supportive of our efforts and are enthusiastically backing the project by providing us with a further 80 acres for further agricultural development


Already we have been aired on local radio and we have plans to expand this coverage via the local TV network


Other organisations have suffered severe crop losses due to the lack of irrigation on the land and it is estimated that around 20,000 acres of crops have been lost because of the lack of water. Clearly this must not happen with our own project and to overcome this we urgently need the following: Electric pumps and pipe-work for irrigation of the land; A truck for transportation of the crops to market; Fencing of the land near Moamba (1000 metres are required to fence 25,000 acres of our own land)


Currently we are hiring tractors and this is a cost that needs to replaced by the purchasing of 2 of our own


If you feel you can help please contact us urgently