CARD - Christian Association for Rural Development
A Brighter Future for the People of Mozambique

A Journey of Passion

The last three years have been an amazing journey

In August 2008 I visited an annual Christian fellowship event held at The Lincolnshire Showground called Grapevine. While I was there I prayed in the prayer tent for guidance. The Lord answered my prayers and gave me the words "Reach the Rich to Meet the Poor"


Immediately upon my return I prayed again and asked the Lord for his help. We need 10,000 acres to begin the project


Within a matter of a few days Candido called to say that the people had agreed to GIVE US the 10,000 acres needed


Earlier this year I visited Mozambique again to register the charity C.A.R.D (Christian Association for Rural Development) with the Mozambique government and the people had now agreed to give us 2 large plots of land one for 25,000 acres and a further one for 75,000 acres. Work could now commence immediately


All funds raised will be given to the people and this will be monitored by the trustees here in the UK and funds will be dispensed through the management team over in Mozambique.